Should You Use Native Advertising?

Native advertising has become a big buzz word in recent years because of its growing popularity. Make no mistake that there are various forms of paid online advertising. But one of the most commonly talked about variants is native advertising. This type of advertising is essentially a form of paid media that is predominantly used by content marketers. It is non-disruptive when reading a specific article as it is placed “in-feed” within the content you are reading. The difference is that it is paid advertising. Common forms of native advertising are Twitter’s “promoted tweets” and Facebook’s “suggested posts.” The company, Outbrain, which specializes in presenting sponsored website links and editorial-based content recommendations is a leader in native advertising.

Native advertising is the now the preferred mode of paid advertising used by content marketers. The reason is that people find it to be better at building trust and engaging with your target customer, and could present a higher probability at converting your ad than the traditional display ad.

Native advertising has, as a result, become synonymous with sponsored content. The main reason for this is most likely because of the increasing number of publications making a push to increase their sponsored content program in recent years.

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